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This is who we are and what we believe.

What We Believe

Founded by a firefighter, a veteran, a phone salesman and a bartender, Radish Apparel is a company that was built on diversity.

We live in a world with with a greater multitude of ideas, lifestyles, and unique expression than at any other point in its history.  Not only do we think this is an incredible testament to human creativity, but we also think it’s totally Rad!  At Radish Apparel, we understand that it is the sublime individuality of people that makes this world the wonderful and colorful place that it is. That’s why we aim to offer apparel that is fit for people from all walks of life.  We want to join in this wonderful self-expression that people have and provide them with clothes that are equally Rad, or at least Rad-ish.

We offer the broadest spectrum of designs that you’ll find anywhere on the web. No matter what your passion is, you can rest assured you will always be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.  Plus, we offer those clothes in comfortable, high-quality material that ensures this expression of you will not only last, but will be something you enjoy wearing, so you will always be comfortable expressing yourself -- which is kind of the goal here.

Choose Who You Support

At Radish Apparel, we understand that the key to individual expression is the individuals themselves, and we want to make sure that those people are supported in every way possible.  We also believe that what makes us all great as a whole is the way we work together and the support we offer to one another.  That’s why we provide a way for people to help each other in a tangible, monetary way simply by expressing themselves through our products.  To do this, we make sure 5% of your purchase is given, not to us, but to the charitable cause of your choice.  And since individual expression is key, we offer a broad list of causes to choose from, all represented by charitable organizations that we have hand-picked to ensure that your contribution truly makes a difference.  To find out more about the charities we support and why we support them, please visit our How We Give page.

In a Nutshell

Ultimately, we want to promote individualism and self-expression with quality products that are comfortable to wear. At the same time, we thought this was a great opportunity to offer some help to those individuals who could really use it, and we figured what better way to merge these two goals than by letting our customers choose where our donations go.  So go ahead, take a look around.  We’re confident that you’ll find something that perfectly suits your personality as well as a great cause that you can help support!